Background: This Page was setup for my branches into different scales. The Kent Apparatus were done to no particular scale, It looked right to me. I drew the tire and then based everything off of its dimensions. The Smaller one (Fort Worth) was doen to a particular Scale. The Scale is called the Traffic or MM scale. The scale is set in the ratio of 1 pxel equivalent to 10 cm or 3.94 inches. Enjoy! - SBCarshops


Large Scale Apparatus Drawings

Faces Left Right/Stand-Alone Date Completed Description Artist
  October 04, 2004 Kent FD 1811 Gregg Staley, 2004 Citing
    October 15 , 2004

Kent FD 1819

Gregg Staley, 2004 Citing
  November 02 , 2005 MM: Fort Worth FD Engine 1 Gregg Staley, 2005 Citing

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